Second meetup Founders to Founders

On May 14, the second meeting of the community of tech entrepreneurs took place, experts and investors Founders to Founders. The project was created for the successful exchange of experience, knowledge and developments in the field of technology. It a unique opportunity to tell market leaders about your startup and receive financial support for its development.

The second meetup was dedicated to the importance of the human personality in the development of innovative business.

“Working with a large number of startups, we have noticed that that at the head of the success of projects lies not only the innovativeness of the idea, but the strength of the founders’ personalities,” notes Dasha Vasilyeva, founder and CEO community of Fonders to Founders and GETVISION, – “That’s why, we decided to dedicate the second meetup to the topic of personal development and key founder development skills”.

The project was held in Moscow with broadcast on Zoom, Youtube, Facebook and Clubhouse with the information support of the Moscow Innovation Agency,  Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation and, in partnership with GETVISION, Great Gonzo Studio, Apriori Translations, Progress Engine, Tamaranga and MarketWin. The technology partner of the Founders to Founders community is the IT company BAXUSCLUB.

During the meeting, successful entrepreneurs shared their cases launching a business and scaling them. Among the speakers of the meetup were experts from the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Russia and Ukraine are represented:

  • Ksenia Borbacheva, Deputy General Director of the Agency Innovations of Moscow, Head of Business (Russia, Moscow)
  • Anatoly Valetov, Head of the Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation (Russia, Moscow)
  • Aliya Grig, Founder and CEO of Human Cosmos App & Cosmos City (USA, Los Angeles)
  • Sergey Orekhanov, Founder of the Investment Networking Club, venture partner at (Russia, Moscow)
  • Maria Yavorskaya, Founder of the English second-hand aggregator Zipsale (Great Britain, London)
  • Anatoly Shapovalov, Founder and CEO of Atmoland, Head of business hub (Russia, St. Petersburg)
  • Minenkov Nikita, Entrepreneur, founder of the IT company “BAXUSCLUB” (Russia, Moscow)
  • Timofey Faldin, Founder of TikTok House @Xhouse Producer who raised 24 millionaire blogger with a total audience of 51 million people (USA, Miami)
  • Raisa Malysheva, Founder of IntellectHub (Russia, Moscow)
  • Dmitry Butalov, Founder and CEO of Robot Albert, a corporate bot constructor platform
  • Daria Derkach, IT Development Engineer Western Digital, VP International Sales GETVISION (USA, San Francisco)
  • Yuriy Goy, MVP Lab Managing Partner and founder of the amoCRM Helper community, Founder & CEO of (Russia, Moscow)
  • Denis Berg, Co-founder and CTO Sovtes (Ukraine, Kyiv)
  • Alexey Chekhvalov, Growth director at the technology company 24TTL (Russia, Moscow)
  • Pavel Cherkashin, Founder of StartupServices and FamilyNotes (Italy, Milan)
  • Konstantin Somov, Founder of Tabit service (Russia, Moscow)

Note that members of the Founders to Founders club have a unique the opportunity to chat with all the speakers personally in the Clubhouse and ask them questions of interest regarding the development of their own projects.


Find the full event stream here:

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