Backstage of the debut meetup

On April 3, the first meeting of the new Founders to Founders club of tech entrepreneurs, experts and investors took place. The project was created for the successful exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices in the field of technology. This is a unique opportunity to tell market leaders about your startup and get financial support for its development.

During the debut meeting-acquaintance, the founder of the F2F project, investment banker and expert in the field of direct and private investments, Daria Vasilyeva shared with the guests the story of creating a community: “A few months ago, I talked with a partner about one project, we exchanged experience ‘oh, and we did some really cool stuff. So the idea came to create a unique community of entrepreneurs. In just a few months, my colleagues and I were able to launch a project, which at the moment has already been joined by more than 700 people – entrepreneurs, startuppers and investors – with personal networking of more than 50 thousand people. Our goal is to create a large community for entering international markets and building strategic partnerships with colleagues from different countries. We promise that every founder will be heard.”

The project partners are such companies as Great Gonzo Studio, Tamaranga, Marketwin, GETVISION, Human Factor and Select Communication Group. Their leaders will advise start-up entrepreneurs on starting a business, help test an existing business idea, refine it, bring it to an MVP (minimum viable product), and also help startups improve their personal skills.


During the meeting, successful entrepreneurs shared their stories about launching a business and scaling it.  Among the speakers of the meetup were representatives and experts from Canada, New Zealand, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan:

 – co-founder of AT DQ Sergey Us,
 – co-Owner and CEO at international crowdfunding platform Alexa Aishpur,
 – director of the international technopark at IT startups Astana Hub Azizbek Bakiyev,
 – co-founder and CEO at Visitech Rustam Malinov,
 – director and Co-founder of VR Concept Denis Zakharkin,
 – founder and CEO at, ExFotofox Mikhail Berlant,
 – Vladimir Gidirim, general partner of The Garage Syndicate and many others.

More than 600 participants from 12 countries joined the debut meetup on Youtube, Facebook and Clubhouse platforms.

  • Andrey Bashin, Head of Strategy Department of B2B ecosystems PJSC MTS: “I am very happy to be a part of Founders to Founders. We created a unique product that unites the minds and hearts of people.  I’m sure we will succeed!”
  • Angelika Romanenko, co-founder and CEO of the company marketplace solutions TAMARANGA: “I believe that Founders to Founders created a synergy of experience in different business areas that can fill the missing link for new opportunities that many companies lack.”
  • Alexander Milokhov, founder and CEO at Great Gonzo Studio: “This is a very cool community in which we will create the coolest content and useful products.”
  • Tatyana Stepanova, co-founder and manager director of MarketWin: “We connect startups and large enterprises, we have a huge number of connections and relationships in this direction.  We help startups to enter the market and get to know the business.”
  • Alexa Ainshpur, co-owner and CEO director of the international crowdfunding platform “For me It’s an honor to be part of such a great community. My contribution to the common cause – our platform teaches startups about crowdfunding.”
  • Sergey Us, co-founder of 7 startups: “I launched many startups, some of which managed to make money, and lost a lot of money on others.  I would be glad to share my experience with members of Founders to Founders.”
  • Azizbek Bakiyev, Director of the Office of International relations, investments and exports Astana Hub: “Very happy to be a part of such a wonderful community, and we will definitely collaborate with it in future and help achieve common goals.”
  • Rustam Malinov, co-founder and CEO of Visitech: “Creating such a cool community is a great idea, because moving in direction of the implementation of common projects , as well as sharing new ideas and best practices is much more efficient together.”
  • Alexey Taranov, Founder of Solutions Lab “In Founders to Founders you can not only chat, but share real experience, support each other and find investors to implement significant initiatives.”
  • Olga Zavadskaya, the main ideologist of WinGo Plan: “Insanely excited to be part of Founders 2 Founders.  After all, this is a community of like-minded people, each of whom acts on its own, while helping and supporting others with expertise.”
  • Mikhail Berlant, Founder of, founder and Former CEO of Fotofox: “Very happy to be invited! This community has a wonderful open atmosphere, I am sure that long cooperation is ahead of us.”
  • Viktor Eliseev, group leader of communications agencies Select Communication Group: “I am very pleased that such as community was created, in my opinion, it is very useful and meaningful for every member.”
  • Lena Lazutkina, book producer, owner and Director of Brand Book Publishing: “This is a very creative event where I’d like to represent the “creative side of money”, happily helping experts immortalize their experience in a book.”

Note that members of the Founders to Founders club have a unique opportunity to chat with all the speakers personally in the Clubhouse and ask them questions regarding the development of their own projects.

Also, within the framework of the first meeting, two lectures with experts of tech market were held. Founder and Director of Human Factor Consulting Dana Ferber held a master class on organizational development and discussed building an HR strategy, improving and developing the company.  Second lecture was devoted to storytelling, one of the key strategic skills. It was held by the founder and head of Select Communication Victor Eliseev.  He shared the secrets of strengthening the pitch with the storytelling method.

Club meetings will be held on a regular basis – every first Saturday of the month.  In order not to miss important things, as well as to be aware the latest news from the tech industry, meet new partners and learn the current schedule of meetings, register for meetups – follow updates on the website and social networks of the community:

For questions about joining the club:

Marketing and partnerships:

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